In the beginning there were… labels

Where to begin?

I’ll assume you’re wondering who the hell I am – ohhhh… the deep questions – I’ll avoid the temptation to tell you my life story at this point & let’s just cut to the chase & throw down the labels!

unspoiled only child
brutally honest friend
slacking coworker
devoted but incompetent wife
oversharing & overbearing mother
sarcasm lover
self-proclaimed home chef
lover of pinning pins that I will never complete
breastfeeding enthusiast – lactavist
believer in the power of women’s bodies
crunchy/granola mom wannabe
Chief Financial Officer of my household (I write out the bills – it’s thrilling & I gave myself the title so I could feel fancy)

I guess that just about sums me up!
Don’t act like you’re not impressed!


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