First contact

Yesterday I decided to take my nerves & emotions out of it & make the initial contact w/ our son’s donor sibling families.  There are 5 registered families total & I reached out to the other 4 with my email info.

I’ve heard back from one family so far.  They seem very nice & I am shocked to see there is an undeniable resemblance between our children – even tho our son is practically my tiny twin!

My feelings are mixed, to say the least.

It’s exciting to feel another human connection in this big world & celebrate strong women & growing strong families.  It also, yet again, solidifies the fact that my wife & I will never be able to have a child that is simply ‘ours’ with no strings attached & we must share our sweet boy with other people in this world (in some sense) with whom he may feel connected to during his life.

It’s messy – it’s amazing – it’s confusing – it’s beautiful – but I’m not sure how to process my feelings on this.  For now I can be sure I am (not equal parts) excited, sad & scared.

And to think:  just 2 days ago my biggest problem is that my wife & I were fighting over fried chicken – HAHAHA!  Life is funny that way!  🙂


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