We are stronger together

Who am I at the core of it all?

Without all of the bitterness that life can bring
Without the low & slow boiling of anger that most of my days bring on after being surrounded by people that are in a hurry to only to help themselves
Without the glow of phones on all of our faces instead of meaningful conversations about the deeper issues
Without everyone sending phone calls to voicemail & preferring a short text as a way of ‘keeping up’ with friends

What do I REALLY care about underneath it all?
What brings me happiness – lasting happiness?


I get the most joy in my life when I do something genuinely kind for someone else – something they never even asked for – something unexpected – something for which my only form of repayment is knowing I might have made their day a little bit brighter in some small way.

That is WHO I am.

I enjoy letting people know that I truly appreciate things they do for me or that I am thankful to have them in my life.

Even in the midst of my own personal storms I still try to find ways to bring joy to others because I feel it gives me peace & keeps me grounded.

If we do not encourage each other then we all fall.  We cannot allow ourselves to ‘drink the koolaid’ of this current political climate in our country that tells us that we have nothing in common with each other & that we should be fighting with our neighbor if we want to show our patriotism.

I will not.

I will continue to pay it forward.
I will show my son that no matter what else is happening in our lives that we will always share ‘thank you’ cards, pay for the next person in line at the drive thru, tell others that they are strong, intelligent & beautiful.  That there is no one ‘right way’ to be successful – it is not & should not be measured in money but in smiles, hugs, tears & laughs!

When it becomes harder to love – love harder.



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