A letter to my son:

I cannot believe you are almost a year old!  This has been the most magical year of my entire life!  Even tho you have only been here for a short while it already impossible for me to imagine my life without you in it.  You have taught me so much & while I will never be able to explain just how much you have changed my life, I wanted to take the time to thank you for some of the lessons you have taught me.

  1. Smile at strangers, it will brighten anyone’s day
  2. Some of the best communication involves no words at all
  3. You should let people know when they’ve made you mad – but don’t stay mad because it will ruin all the fun
  4. When you’re learning something new always give 100% effort otherwise you will never really know if you’re good at it
  5. When trying a new food just go ahead & take a big bite!  If you don’t like it – just spit it right back out HAHAHA!
  6. There is no wrong time to break out in a silly song & dance together – who cares if anyone is watching
  7. People will make assumptions about you no matter what you look like but that doesn’t define you in any way
  8. Always be open to learning something new & get excited about it
  9. Greet the day with an open heart & mind
  10. Snuggle – always make time to snuggle
  11. Books truly come to life when you read them together
  12. If something makes you happy – let the world know you’re happy!
  13. If you’re struggling with something let someone know so they can help you overcome your obstacle – there is no shame in asking for help
  14. Don’t compare yourself to others – you will grow & learn exactly the way you’re supposed to in your own perfect time
  15. Just because something may be difficult at first doesn’t mean you should give up
  16. If you are sad or if something hurts you – cry – don’t worry if anyone else sees you – experiencing that emotion is nothing to be ashamed of
  17. It’s not a terrible idea to give someone a good, hard look before deciding if you want to befriend them
  18. Be confident with your body!  It’s an amazing gift!
  19. If you’re sorry for your actions – the best apology is a heartfelt hug
  20. If you’re having a bad day – take a nap – it can fix a lot of things

Such a short list to sum up such an amazing adventure!  You make the world more beautiful just by be being in it.  I love you with all my heart & I am blessed beyond measure that I get to be your Mommy!



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