It’s never just sunscreen

Parenting decisions have been made 1000x’s more difficult because of one terrible, horrible, no good, very AMAZING website:  Amazon!

Yesterday our son’s school sent out a letter asking parents to send sunscreen since the weather is getting nicer & there will be a lot more outside play time!  Ok!  No problem!  I’ll just jump on Amazon, order it & move on to the next ‘to-do’ item in under a minute!


I quickly typed in “toddler sunscreen” on my Amazon search & had my trigger-finger ready to click “purchase with 1 click” as soon as I saw the first thing that came up because – how many could there be?  How hard could this be?



Of course we all want the most ‘natural/organic/safe’ options – is there such a thing in SUNSCREEN as organic?  YEP!

But what’s the difference?


Let me just see which one has the best customer reviews – surly other parents are much wiser than I & will know which one to choose!  Let me see what they ALL have to say because what if one person says they didn’t like this brand?  Why?  What happened?  Did your child end up in the ER?  I MUST KNOW EVERY DETAIL of your plight so that I can spare my son the trauma of a sunscreen emergency!

Cream or spray?

What if he eats the cream off of his hands?  Should I even put it on his hands?  I mean, I don’t want his adorable little hands to get burned by the sun while he simply enjoys the happiest days of his toddler-hood!  He would never forgive me!

Will the spray scare him tho?  I don’t want to frighten him & emotionally scar him & have him living a life of sunscreen phobia while I’m trying to preserve his soft baby skin from the sun’s rays of doom!

Let’s see what the parent-pros have to say about this!

Customer Reviews [click]

1 hour later – I have no CLUE what I’m supposed to get!

However I am now an expert on everyone else’s opinion of every single brand of sunscreen available on the market!

It’s like his school is just playing a mean joke on me!  Don’t they know I don’t know anything about sunscreen – or at least I didn’t 2 PowerPoints, 3 spreadsheets & 45 minutes ago… and I haven’t even reviewed the ‘answered questions’ yet!  I think I’m just going to have the take the rest of the day off of work so I can give this decision the attention it truly deserves.

Never mind – I’m just going to send a note that says “My son is a vampire – please do not take him outside.  Thanks, Bella”


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