Yep.  I just made up that word!
I was recently made aware that my wife & I are known for being “helicopter moms” or “over-parenting” – caring too much??  Is that even a problem?!
This is something I take a pretty decent amount of offense to.  The quote that really gets my panties in a twist was “you need to let that boy go”.  He’s 1… where should he go?!
I will NEVER be caught apologizing for ‘over-parenting’ or as I like to call it “being involved”.  Our son is not even old enough to communicate verbally!  It is literally my JOB to speak FOR him, ensure that his needs are met & if I cannot be there to meet those needs you better be damn sure I’m going to make sure his needs are met with the consistency that my wife & I feel are most appropriate for him.  I will never settle for “he was fine (aka: not broken, bruised or crying) when I picked him up – so everything must have gone well”.  #sorrynotsorry
If our son were 16 & I did his homework for him, told his teachers to never discipline him & never let him go hang out with any of his friends – fine – accuse me of ‘over-parenting’ but I seriously doubt that in the last 12 months I could have done anything to stunt his development in any possible way.
Consider this:  could it be that in the last few decades we have figured out that things we allowed children to do years ago have been found to be quite unsafe & that we have decided not to let these things continue being “normal” for our son??
“I rode in the back of a pickup truck (or insert any other 80’s antic-dote here) & I turned out fine!” guess what?? The kids that didn’t turn out fine… they’re not here to say that – so your argument is totally invalid.

ugh – I’m just ranting – I hate it when I do that – I was attempting to come to a super valid conclusion by writing this out but #icanteven right now lol


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