seeds of doubt

Women have no doubts of their abilities to GET pregnant
but are told often that once they do get pregnant they cannot trust their bodies to birth their babies OR to provide the baby with enough milk

I have a problem with this message.

We push products that prevent pregnancy – it is actually not uncommon for women to experience trouble getting or keeping a pregnancy.  Did you know on any given month a woman only has a 25% chance of conception.  You know when we’re told this?  When we are IN the trenches of trying to conceive and having NO IDEA what’s wrong with us – feeling that we must be ‘broken’ because our bodies are not working ‘properly’ and left to wonder why nobody told us it could be a challenge at all.


“Guess what?  You might be able to grow that baby on your own but since you won’t be able to birth or feed your baby, the way your body was intended to do, here are 10000 products & services that you’ve come to know by name long before you even thought of having a child – they are meant to do the work of birthing & feeding for you because you will never succeed at those things.  Trust us, we’re the professionals.”

How did we get here??!!

Women don’t wake up in the morning & say to themselves “I’m not sure my liver is going to work very well.” but we are ok with women doubting that their cervix can open, that their uterus will contract, that their bodies CAN withstand the intensity and that their breasts will make enough milk to feed their children – often times BEFORE any of these events have even been given the chance to occur!

AND if their liver doesn’t work – they’re not told to just totally bypass that process because it’s not worth the trouble!  They are given options to get the very best production possible from that organ!

If you go to your dr because you’re having a problem breastfeeding – you’re given formula.  There is no exam, no questions, no conversation about how to make that organ work – you are given the message that it’s not worth the trouble.

If your body is taking “too long” bringing your baby earthside it is decided that you just can’t do it & to bypass the whole process & they just take you back for operation.

We need to DEMAND more, demand better – have the hard conversations with the drs & tell them to listen to you!  If they won’t – seek out the help you need until you find the help you deserve!  OUR BODIES ARE NOT BROKEN!  We simply need better care for ourselves & for our babies!


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